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Pennsylvania Commercial Insurance coverage

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Commercial Insurance in Pennsylvania

Owning a business in Pennsylvania comes with some commercial insurance requirements. For example, if the business employees more than the owner, worker's compensation is required by state law. If your business needs a vehicle for deliveries or pickups by your employees, commercial auto insurance is also required. However, many small business owners in Pennsylvania are finding that getting more than the minimum in commercial insurance from Griffith Insurance LLP is protecting their business investments.

What can I cover with Commercial Insurance?

You are not protecting your investment into your business when you carry only the minimum required coverage. You are leaving your investment vulnerable. The types of commercial insurance available in one of our policies allow you to protect everything from the business property to your employee's paychecks. Your commercial insurance policy can be crafted to include the following coverages:

  • General liability insurance
  • Property coverage
  • Cyber or Professional liability insurance
  • Business interruption coverage
  • Business income coverage

These are just a few of the options available for commercial insurance coverage.

Get Protection with Liability Coverage

As you can see, there are several liability coverage options available under commercial insurances. Working with public customers and employees, small businesses are often the victim of lawsuits and having to pay out-of-pocket expenses that they are found responsible for. With liability coverage, you will not have to foot this bill out of your finances but can make a claim against your insurance to cover the costs of damages.

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At Griffith Insurance LLP, our agents are ready to assist your small business with the protection you need. We understand the investment that you have made and want to make all of our Pennsylvania business owners succeed in their endeavors. We are proudly serving the West Chester, PA area and would love for you to come by our office or give us a call today for more information.

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