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Umbrella Insurance in Pennsylvania

Are you a homeowner who wants to be sure that you are financially covered when the unimaginable happens? Maybe you are a renter who wants to rest assured knowing that your possessions can be replaced when your renter’s insurance policy falls short. Perhaps, you are like thousands in Pennsylvania who own a vehicle and want to avoid the surprise of your policy limit not being enough when an accident occurs.

The time of an incident is not ideal to learn that your standard insurance policy is not enough in West Chester, PA. Consider an umbrella insurance policy offered by Griffith Insurance LLP to meet your needs.

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an indemnity policy that covers your losses after the policy limits of your standard policy have been exhausted.

An example of umbrella insurance saving the day is when your auto insurance policy limits the payout for bodily injury to $10,000 when the individual injured has medical bills that total $25,000. You would be stuck with the remaining cost of $15,000 without an additional policy to cover the rest of the balance. Umbrella insurance is that additional plan.

What can umbrella insurance cover?

Your umbrella insurance policy can cover a host of incidents in Pennsylvania. A good plan can pay for medical bills, car repairs, and the cost to replace stolen items taken from your home by way of theft.

The amount that your umbrella insurance policy covers depends on your premium amount. Those who pay higher premiums every month may reap the benefit of having more coverage. Meanwhile, those who pay less in premiums may get the immediate satisfaction of saving money. Such savings, however, mean that your umbrella insurance policy may not pay for all additional expenses.

You should definitely consider purchasing an umbrella insurance plan in West Chester, PA. Call the agents at Griffith Insurance LLP today to get started with a quote for coverage!

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