What besides your home’s structure does home insurance cover?

Your homeowners’ insurance policy from Griffith Insurance LLP protects much more than just the structure of your home. The liability coverage extends to your trailer, recreational equipment like a trampoline, your swimming pool, boat, etc.

The liability coverage your home insurance provides for your home in West Chester, PA protects you from financial loss if someone has an accident at your home. Let’s say a visitor to your home slips on icy stairs. They break their arm. The liability component of your home policy pays for their medical costs as well as paying a settlement if they take you to court.

Your home insurance does the same thing if you take your boat to the lake and collide with another boat, causing injuries to another person. The same coverage applies if you have a pool party, and someone falls and hurts themselves. In fact, any recreational equipment you own gets the same coverage.

Your recreational equipment also gets damage coverage from your home insurance. That means that if the collision damaged your boat, then the home insurance pays for the damages up to the amount provided in your policy. This means actual cash value, replacement cost, or guaranteed replacement cost. Your policy will also contain a cap or maximum payout for your reimbursement on your West Chester, PA home.

Call or email Griffith Insurance LLP serving West Chester, PA for more information on home insurance and how to obtain this coverage. We can help you determine which value for your items to choose. While replacement and guaranteed values are most likely to pay for the full purchase of a new item, they cost more than the actual value coverage.