What Happens If You Let Your Auto Insurance Lapse?

If you have a registered vehicle on the road in West Chester, PA (or anywhere in the state), you must have automobile insurance. That’s the law. It may be tempting to let that slide, especially when you’re in financial straits. That’s a bad idea for several reasons. 

First, if you allow your auto insurance to lapse, you immediately put yourself at serious risk. Not only could you be financially liable in the event of an accident, but even if you’re not at fault, you may very well find yourself unsuccessful if you attempt to seek compensation from the other driver. Judges are not often sympathetic to victims in accidents when they don’t have proper insurance.

Second, state law imposes strict penalties on drivers, including West Chester, PA, when they fail to have proper auto insurance. You could have your driver’s license and vehicle registration suspended for three months each if you are stopped by police for a moving violation or are involved in an accident where it’s determined you don’t have proper insurance. On top of that, you would be required to pay the penalty to restore both.

Third, even if you avoid being pulled over or involved in an accident when it comes time to renew your vehicle’s registration, you’ll discover that a penalty is waiting for you. That can be quite a sticker shock that many Pennsylvania drivers can’t cover immediately.

At Griffith Insurance LLP, we understand tough financial times lead to some poor decisions, but that’s no excuse for letting your auto insurance lapse. It’s better to speak to one of our agents at Griffith Insurance LLP before slipping into this all-too-common trap.