Is RV Insurance Necessary When You Aren’t Using the Vehicle?

Insuring Stored RVs

An RV in storage that is not being driven on roadways does not need to be legally insured. This is at the discretion of the owner. If you own your RV, there are good reasons you may want to consider keeping your car insurance up to date when you are away, such as a disaster or theft. In some situations, such as when an RV is financed, insurance may be required regardless if it is in storage or not. 

Speaking with your insurance agent can help you decide what will fit your needs if you plan to store your car. Our agents at Griffith Insurance LLP West Chester, PA are experts in all the ins and outs of auto insurance. We can help craft a policy that will be most beneficial for your stored and active RVs.

Benefits of Insuring Your Stored RV

Maintaining the insurance of your stored RV may save you money in the long run. Uninterrupted coverage, instead of a gap, might be factor insurers look at when you restart your policy. A break in coverage could increase costs overall. The short term savings may not be worth it considering this. If your RV is insured while you are away and fire or theft happens, you will have peace of mind knowing you kept your policy active.

A Trusted Insurance Agency in West Chester, PA

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