My Employee Slipped on the Floor, Now What Do I Do?

You did everything you could. You showed your employees the training video. You put up warning signs (or at least told someone to do it.) You did everything OSHA told you to do. But it happened anyway. An employee slipped up on the job and got hurt. Fortunately, you did the smart thing and took out a commercial insurance policy. Now what? 

See To Everyone’s Safety

First things first. Check on your employee immediately. If it’s an emergency, call 911. A small injury can be treated with a bit of first aid. You would be wise to keep a first aid kit on the premises. You may also have to contact OSHA. If it is severe enough to require hospitalization, you have 24 hours to contact OSHA. You’ll have to make sure none of your other employees can get hurt by having them move somewhere safer.

What To Do Now

Once everyone is safe, you need to review the situation to see what caused it and whether you should file an injury claim. Document the injury with photos and witness testimony. Keep communication open and honest. Your employee might file a worker’s compensation claim if the injury requires medical treatment or time away from work. Commercial insurance will help you make worker’s compensation payments. Once you’ve done everything you need to do for OSHA, you can contact your insurance provider to walk you through what you need to do next. You may be asked for the aforementioned documentation of the injury. 

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