Beating the Floods in West Chester, What to Expect and How to Prepare

West Chester, PA is known for being a vibrant community and proximity to the Brandywine Valley. While residents and tourists love the area, unpredictable weather patterns can cause heavy rainfall and storms that lead to costly flooding and flood damage. 

Local homeowners and business owners can protect their financial investments against flood-related losses and expensive damages by getting flood insurance. 

Insurance professionals at Griffith Insurance LLP can help you navigate murky flood waters so you and your loved ones will already know what to expect in the event of severe flooding. 

Protect Your West Chester, PA Home and Business from Heavy Rainfall and Floods

Flooding can happen anytime. Heavy rainfalls and spring thaw are factors. Floodwaters can rise quickly during periods of heavy rainfall, inundating the foundations of homes and residential streets. Pennsylvania’s homeowners can mitigate risk with an adequate flood insurance policy. 

Flood insurance policies are designed to protect the structures of buildings like foundations, walls, and roofing. Policyholders can get coverage for their personal belongings, furniture, and electronics. 

Get Flood Insurance Coverage in Pennsylvania

Each flood insurance policy will vary in coverage based on several factors related to your home or business. For example, The location and elevation of your property are factors that can affect flood insurance policy coverage.

Talking to a licensed flood insurance agent can help you make a more informed decision when choosing a new policy. Knowledgeable agents can speak to you about taking other flood prevention measures, like installing flood barriers to mitigate flood damages. 

Don’t wait until heavy rains fall, and it is too late to get coverage — Contact the insurance pros at Griffith Insurance LLP in West Chester, PA, and get a quote for flood insurance today! 

Three reasons why flood insurance is essential

You’re probably taking a big risk if you’re not carrying flood insurance on your property. Flood insurance protects you financially and is essential if you want to enjoy peace of mind. 

Griffith Insurance LLP is a flood insurance provider located in West Chester, PA. We can answer your questions about flood insurance for your property. Here are three reasons why flood insurance is essential for property owners. 

Floods can happen in many geographic locations all across the country.

Many geographic areas in the United States are identified as flood zones with a significant risk of flood damage. Even areas not considered flood zones can still experience flooding that damages property. That’s why flood insurance is essential for homeowners living in many different parts of the country. 

Floods are statistically more common than fires.

Homeowners recognize the importance of being covered for fire damage. However, many homeowners aren’t aware that floods cause damage to homes in the United States more often than fires do. This makes flood insurance coverage especially valuable to American property owners. 

Flood insurance is important for protecting the investment you make in your home.

Those who own a home invest a great deal of money and effort into being homeowners. If a flood destroys your home, all the money you’ve put into your home will be lost unless you carry flood insurance.

Flood insurance is, therefore, essential for protecting the investment you’ve made in your home, which is likely to be your most valuable asset. 

Are you interested in learning about the flood insurance coverage we provide at Griffith Insurance LLP? Get in touch with us, and we’ll answer your questions about flood insurance in West Chester, PA. 

Who Needs Flood Insurance in West Chester, PA?

Since your typical home insurance doesn’t cover damage from floods, it’s a wise decision to consider flood insurance from Griffith Insurance LLP in West Chester, PA. But because nobody likes spending unnecessarily, you may ask: Do I really need flood insurance? But I live in an area outside a flood zone? If such questions are running through your mind, we are here to answer the question: Who needs flood insurance?

If you have a mortgage

While flood insurance isn’t mandatory in Pennsylvania, if you have a mortgage with a federal-regulated lender, they may insist you purchase flood insurance if your home is in a high-risk flood area. But even though you live outside the flood-risk zone, your lender may still require you to purchase flood insurance coverage. 

Every property isn’t safe from floods

While your property may be located outside the flood-risk area, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe from floods. Here are some facts:

  • About 20% of flood insurance claims come from homeowners living in moderate to low-risk areas
  • Floods are the number one disaster in America
  • In your 30-year mortgage period, you are likely to experience floods more than a fire
  • Just a one-inch rise in water level may lead to repairs of about $25,000

Because floods can strike anywhere and anytime, you require flood insurance to protect your building and the contents when floods happen. Besides, rains and hurricanes aren’t the only cause of flooding. Mudslides melts, winter storms and inefficient drainage systems may cause flooding.

If you need peace of mind

Because floods can occur anytime, you don’t have to keep worrying about the safety of your home and loved ones. Instead, purchase flood insurance, and you don’t have to live on the edge every time the weatherman mentions a looming storm. 

Would you like to protect your West Chester, PA home with flood insurance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Griffith Insurance LLP for a competitive quote.

Three reasons why you need flood insurance

We offer flood insurance policies in West Chester, PA at Griffith Insurance LLP. There are numerous reasons why it’s important to have flood insurance. The following are three reasons why you need flood insurance to cover your Pennsylvania home.

Floods can cause extensive damage to a home.

Homeowners need to understand just how damaging a flood can be. A flood can cause damage in numerous ways.

Flooding can cause water damage in a home. This can lead to mold growth as well as structural weakness in a home. Flooding can also cause damage to a home’s plumbing and sewage system. 

These are just a few of the possible types of home damage that flooding can cause. 

Floods are America’s most common natural disaster.

American homeowners need to understand how common flood damage is to homes in this country. In fact, floods are the most common of all-natural disasters in the United States.

Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, flood damage poses a real threat to the value of your home. That’s one of the key reasons why you need flood coverage. 

Flood insurance might be more affordable than you thought. 

Another reason why it’s good to buy flood coverage is that it isn’t always particularly expensive. This is especially true if you can get flood insurance that’s subsidized by FEMA. FEMA helps American homeowners who meet certain requirements to enjoy financial coverage for flood damage. 

It’s important to understand your options when you’re buying flood insurance in West Chester, PA. If you have questions about flood insurance, we can help you find the answers you’re seeking at Griffith Insurance LLP. Contact us to learn more.