How Much RV Insurance Do You Really Need?

RV travel has become a popular option for many families in the U.S. because it offers the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors and the convenience of many home amenities. Like other vehicles, your RV requires insurance, and various policy options are available. At Griffith Insurance LLP in West Chester, PA, we can help you determine the right RV insurance for your individual needs.

Many Factors Affect the Cost of Your RV Insurance

Several different factors will affect the cost of your RV insurance. The age and condition of the RV are considered, as well as how often you use the RV. You may be able to save on insurance if your RV is in storage for most of the year. You may want coverage for uninsured motorists, roadside assistance, medical payments if someone is injured in an accident, or the agreed value of your RV. You may decide to increase your coverage, depending on where you go with your RV and what you generally carry when you take it on the road.

You May Need Additional Types of Coverage

States require the same liability insurance coverage for RVs as cars. But you may need additional coverage for your vehicle. If you took out a loan to purchase your RV, the financial institution will probably require collision and comprehensive coverage to protect their interest. You may also want vacation coverage if you cause or sustain damage in a campground. Using your RV as a full-time home may require additional insurance, such as total replacement cost coverage.

Personal Possessions Requires Additional Coverage

Generally, your RV insurance policy does not cover the personal possessions you keep inside the vehicle. As a result, items such as sports equipment, electronics, clothing, and other items you carry will require additional coverage in case of loss. Possession coverage can save you many thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Coverage for possession is essential for those who use their RVs as a full-time home.

Make Griffith Insurance LLP Your Agent for RV Coverage in Pennsylvania

If you’re new to RV ownership, our experienced agents can answer any questions regarding appropriate vehicle coverage. Our West Chester, PA office offers a wide range of insurance products, including for life, health, home, auto, watercraft, and business. Contact Griffith Insurance LLP today for a no-obligation quote on RV insurance so you can be assured of proper coverage for all your travel adventures.