Pennsylvania RV Insurance: Road Safety Tips for Motorhome Drivers

When you have a motorhome in Pennsylvania, you want to enjoy every minute with it. Planning your journeys and going on trips, it’s all an adventure for you. Even so, no RV planning mission is complete without a little of stress when it comes to preparing for all the potential problems you could face on the roads.

At Griffith Insurance LLP, we want West Chester, PA RV owners to be prepared before they gas up for the summer. Follow these road safety trips for motorhome drivers, and get a little closer to the stress-free vacation of your dreams.

Avoid Speeding

When you have a motorhome, it is not your everyday use vehicle. The next time you get behind the wheel it may have been a long time since you were behind the wheel of your RV. 

Avoid speeding when you are on your road trip. Remember that your RV has a long braking distance that is much different from that in your car.

Know Your Height

Know the height of your vehicle before you get on the roads. Do your research before you go to look for any bridges or obstructions that you may be driving through.

You want to know how to plan your route here. Getting a GPS for the trip or installing one onto your smartphone will be helpful. You want to spot any height obstructions before you hit that section of the highway.

Don’t Drive in Wind

Driving in wind is especially dangerous for motorhome drivers. You have a large surface area to work with, and you won’t know how to correct the RV when a gust hits you, the same way you do in the car.

The safest thing to do here is to avoid driving in the wind. Always check your weather before you get behind the wheel. Distribute the weight in the RV evenly before you drive.

Get Roadside Assistance

Before you leave, check your Pennsylvania RV insurance policy and get roadside assistance added to it. At Griffith Insurance LLP, we want West Chester, PA RV owners to worry less when they are on the roads. Call us for a quote today.