How Condo Insurance Works

When you own a condo, there are many things that you must do to keep it maintained and protected. One way to protect it is to have condo insurance on it. It’s so important to have this coverage that most mortgage lenders will require you to have it, as will your condo board. You need this coverage to be able to pay for specific problems that can come up throughout your ownership. When you need condo insurance in West Chester, PA, call us at Griffith Insurance LLP to get started. 

Protection for Your Condo

One way condo insurance can protect you is to pay for repairs needed after a damaging incident happens to your home. When an accident, certain disasters, or other events cause damage to your condo, your condo insurance will pay for the repairs needed to get the condo back to normal again. Major repairs can easily cost thousands, so it’s never a good idea to be without this insurance coverage. 

Your Possessions Protected

Your home is a significant expenditure, but so are your belongings. With condo insurance, all of the belongings inside your unit are covered. If an event were to occur that damaged or destroyed your things, your condo insurance could help you to replace them. This is important, so you aren’t left without anything after a significant event. This coverage helps you to get back on your feet much more quickly. 

Get Condo Insurance

You are likely required to have condo insurance. But even if it isn’t required, you need it to protect yourself financially and give yourself good peace of mind in knowing that you are protected. When you need a condo policy in West Chester, PA, call us at Griffith Insurance LLP.

4 Benefits of a West Chester, PA condo insurance policy

You’ve turned your condo into a home. You’ve done the hard work. Condo insurance will help you rest a little easier.

Whether you rent, lease or own a condo, it’s important to protect your investment. Many fall victim to the misconception that condo insurance isn’t essential. While it’s true your condo association has its own policy, this coverage is limited and often only includes the building’s structure.

Don’t get stuck with inadequate protection. Griffith Insurance LLP can help make sure you’re prepared. Serving West Chester, PA, the agency shares four reasons why having condo insurance should be at the top of your to-do list.

Insures the interior

When you own a condo, the inside isn’t part of your building’s master policy. Dwelling protection extends to anything on the interior you are responsible for. Be sure to choose the proper coverage. Refer to your association agreement to narrow down what specific areas value under your jurisdiction.

Offers liability coverage

If someone is injured on your property, liability protection has you covered. This includes any property damage or claims caused by you, your family, or your guests.

Safeguards personal possessions

Condo insurance will cover replacement costs if your personal items are damaged, destroyed, or stolen. Check to make sure water and fire damage are in your plan as well.

Protects against loss of use

If a catastrophic event or natural disaster does occur, you may be forced to temporarily relocate. Condo insurance will reimburse you for these additional living expenses as you stay somewhere else.

Contact a West Chester, PA agent

If you live in a condo near West Chester, PA, call Griffith Insurance LLP. In addition to providing affordable coverage options, their experts can find a personalized condo insurance policy that best meets your needs.

Protect Your Space and Belongings With Condo Insurance

When you live in a home, you need a homeowners’ insurance policy, but what about when you choose a condo? Fortunately, you can get great coverage that’s tailored to your specific type of residence and style of living. Condo insurance protects your belongings and also the interior of your space. But it typically doesn’t cover the rest of the structure, such as the exterior of the building or the outside wall of your particular condo, because those aren’t considered yours. They belong to the condominium company or association that owns the building or is shared with other people and considered community-owned.

At Griffith Insurance LLP, we can help you with the insurance policy you need for your condo. If you’re in the West Chester, PA area, we know it’s not always easy to find the kind of quality coverage you’re looking for. We want to help with that and make sure you have the right type and level of coverage that protects your condo the right way. We also want to make sure you understand the differences seen with condo policies as opposed to traditional home insurance, so you can be an informed consumer who’s comfortable with their insurance coverage.

If you’re in or around the West Chester, PA area, reach out to us today at Griffith Insurance LLP, and let’s talk about the condo insurance policy that’s right for your needs. We’ll be ready to help you get the kind of insurance that’s best for you and make sure your belongings and the inside of your condo space are protected in ways that keep you safe now and in the future. We can also make changes to your policy if you feel you want something different or need a review of what you have, or if your life circumstances have changed.