What Happens If You Let Your Auto Insurance Lapse?

If you have a registered vehicle on the road in West Chester, PA (or anywhere in the state), you must have automobile insurance. That’s the law. It may be tempting to let that slide, especially when you’re in financial straits. That’s a bad idea for several reasons. 

First, if you allow your auto insurance to lapse, you immediately put yourself at serious risk. Not only could you be financially liable in the event of an accident, but even if you’re not at fault, you may very well find yourself unsuccessful if you attempt to seek compensation from the other driver. Judges are not often sympathetic to victims in accidents when they don’t have proper insurance.

Second, state law imposes strict penalties on drivers, including West Chester, PA, when they fail to have proper auto insurance. You could have your driver’s license and vehicle registration suspended for three months each if you are stopped by police for a moving violation or are involved in an accident where it’s determined you don’t have proper insurance. On top of that, you would be required to pay the penalty to restore both.

Third, even if you avoid being pulled over or involved in an accident when it comes time to renew your vehicle’s registration, you’ll discover that a penalty is waiting for you. That can be quite a sticker shock that many Pennsylvania drivers can’t cover immediately.

At Griffith Insurance LLP, we understand tough financial times lead to some poor decisions, but that’s no excuse for letting your auto insurance lapse. It’s better to speak to one of our agents at Griffith Insurance LLP before slipping into this all-too-common trap.

What Type of Insurance Should Online Businesses Invest In?

When running an online business in West Chester, PA, having the right insurance coverage is essential for protecting against potential risks. Business insurance, also known as commercial insurance, from Griffith Insurance LLP helps safeguard businesses from various claims and other common issues small business owners face. Without insurance, a company could be responsible for paying out of pocket for any claims.

General Liability & Product Liability

For online businesses, general liability and product liability coverage are good options to start with. General liability insurance protects businesses from bodily injury or property damage claims resulting from their operations or products. Product liability insurance can safeguard a business from legal action and compensate customers for injuries sustained or property damaged due to defective products.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance is another essential type of coverage for online businesses as it can cover legal costs if a customer sues due to a mistake in professional services provided to them. Additionally, you may need workers’ compensation insurance to cover employee injuries that occur while working. For those who use their cars for business, commercial auto insurance can provide additional protection in the case of a car accident.

Cyber Insurance

Data breach insurance and cyber liability insurance can also benefit online businesses that store sensitive customer information. These coverages can help your business respond to a data breach and cover associated costs.

Griffith Insurance LLP of West Chester, PA offers a wide range of commercial insurance solutions for businesses in the United States. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure you have the right coverage to protect your business. Contact us today to discover more!

Is commercial insurance in West Chester a good investment?

Owning a business can be a dream come true—a great career option for those in the West Chester, PA area. When starting a business in this region of the state, having the correct insurance for it is necessary. Commercial insurance is an excellent form of coverage to consider, which can be an ideal investment for a business for various reasons. 

Protect Business Assets

An important reason for any business owner in this part of the state to have commercial insurance is to protect their assets. If you want to build your business here, you will need equipment, inventory, and other assets to get the industry moving in the right direction. If you carry a full commercial insurance policy, you will have the coverage necessary to protect these assets. 

Ensure Business is in Compliance

Having commercial insurance to ensure your business complies is also a good idea. To start a business, you will need to raise capital and sign other important agreements. Most of these agreements require you to carry insurance to protect the company. Maintaining commercial insurance at all times will keep you in good standing with such agreements. 

If you are a business owner in the West Chester, PA area, it would be imperative for you to have the right insurance for your company. An important form of coverage that all people here need to consider getting is commercial insurance, and the team with Griffith Insurance LLP can help you build a plan. Griffith Insurance LLP knows the value of commercial coverage and can help business owners build an ideal policy that protects their business. 

Why You Should Prevent Ice Dams From Forming on Your Roof and How to Do Just That

One of the most common reasons homeowners file home insurance claims during the winter months is that an ice dam damaged their roof. At Griffith Insurance LLP, serving the greater West Chester, PA region, we want to help prevent this problem from happening to you. Read on to learn more about this topic.  

Why You Should Prevent Ice Dams From Forming On Your Roof

As a homeowner, it is important to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. Ice dams can be heavy, putting a lot of weight and strain on your roof. This can damage your roofing materials, including your exterior roofing materials and your roof support beams and trusses. If the ice dam gets heavy enough, or if your roof is not structurally sound, an ice dam can cause your roof to cave in. 

How to Prevent Ice Dams From Forming On Your Roof

There are different ways to prevent ice dams from forming. The first is to rake snow off of your roof. The next is to ensure your gutter systems are clean and fully functional. Lastly, you can use roofing products, such as heating coils, roof insulation, or roof salt, to help prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. 

Preventing ice dams is one of the best ways to protect your roof from damage during the winter months. However, if your roof gets damaged, you need to ensure that you have a reliable home insurance provider to help you and cover your losses. At Griffith Insurance LLP, serving the greater West Chester, PA area, we can help you find that perfect home insurance policy. Call us now to obtain an estimate. 

Three reasons why flood insurance is essential

You’re probably taking a big risk if you’re not carrying flood insurance on your property. Flood insurance protects you financially and is essential if you want to enjoy peace of mind. 

Griffith Insurance LLP is a flood insurance provider located in West Chester, PA. We can answer your questions about flood insurance for your property. Here are three reasons why flood insurance is essential for property owners. 

Floods can happen in many geographic locations all across the country.

Many geographic areas in the United States are identified as flood zones with a significant risk of flood damage. Even areas not considered flood zones can still experience flooding that damages property. That’s why flood insurance is essential for homeowners living in many different parts of the country. 

Floods are statistically more common than fires.

Homeowners recognize the importance of being covered for fire damage. However, many homeowners aren’t aware that floods cause damage to homes in the United States more often than fires do. This makes flood insurance coverage especially valuable to American property owners. 

Flood insurance is important for protecting the investment you make in your home.

Those who own a home invest a great deal of money and effort into being homeowners. If a flood destroys your home, all the money you’ve put into your home will be lost unless you carry flood insurance.

Flood insurance is, therefore, essential for protecting the investment you’ve made in your home, which is likely to be your most valuable asset. 

Are you interested in learning about the flood insurance coverage we provide at Griffith Insurance LLP? Get in touch with us, and we’ll answer your questions about flood insurance in West Chester, PA. 

How Condo Insurance Works

When you own a condo, there are many things that you must do to keep it maintained and protected. One way to protect it is to have condo insurance on it. It’s so important to have this coverage that most mortgage lenders will require you to have it, as will your condo board. You need this coverage to be able to pay for specific problems that can come up throughout your ownership. When you need condo insurance in West Chester, PA, call us at Griffith Insurance LLP to get started. 

Protection for Your Condo

One way condo insurance can protect you is to pay for repairs needed after a damaging incident happens to your home. When an accident, certain disasters, or other events cause damage to your condo, your condo insurance will pay for the repairs needed to get the condo back to normal again. Major repairs can easily cost thousands, so it’s never a good idea to be without this insurance coverage. 

Your Possessions Protected

Your home is a significant expenditure, but so are your belongings. With condo insurance, all of the belongings inside your unit are covered. If an event were to occur that damaged or destroyed your things, your condo insurance could help you to replace them. This is important, so you aren’t left without anything after a significant event. This coverage helps you to get back on your feet much more quickly. 

Get Condo Insurance

You are likely required to have condo insurance. But even if it isn’t required, you need it to protect yourself financially and give yourself good peace of mind in knowing that you are protected. When you need a condo policy in West Chester, PA, call us at Griffith Insurance LLP.

Does My RV Insurance Cover Me When I’m Driving Someone Else’s Vehicle?

Like most people, you probably think that your RV insurance only covers you while driving your own vehicle. But what if you need to borrow or rent an RV while on vacation? Will your insurance policy still provide coverage, or do you need to purchase additional rental car insurance? Luckily, Griffith Insurance LLP is here to help. As one of the leading providers of RV insurance in West Chester, PA, we can help you understand precisely what your policy does and doesn’t cover.

One of the advantages of RV ownership is the ability to drive someone else’s vehicle. However, it’s essential to understand that your insurance policy may not provide coverage if you’re involved in an accident while driving someone else’s RV. So, what does this mean for you? If you’re planning to borrow or rent an RV while on vacation, you may need additional rental car insurance to protect yourself in an accident.

In most cases, RV insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. So, your personal insurance policy will not provide coverage if you’re driving someone else’s RV. However, there are some exceptions.

You may be covered if the RV owner has added you to their policy as an additional driver. Or, if you have your RV insurance policy, it may provide coverage for you when driving someone else’s RV. Be sure to check with your insurance agent to be sure.

Before you hit the road on your next vacation, understand your RV insurance policy and what it covers. Griffith Insurance LLP in West Chester, PA is here to help if you have any questions. We can review your policy and ensure you have the coverage you need to protect yourself and your family while on vacation. Give us a call today!

Was Your Rented Home Burglarized? The Importance of Filing a Police Report

Renters insurance helps to cover your losses if the home you are renting gets broken into and burglarized. Here at Griffith Insurance LLP, serving the greater West Chester, PA area, we can help you find the right renters’ insurance policy for your needs and help you if you need to file a claim. Nearly every insurance company will require you to file a police report if you are filing a claim because your home was burglarized. Read on to learn why filing a police report after your rented home was burglarized is so important. 

In most places, you can file a police report online if your home was burglarized. Most insurance companies require you to file a police report for several reasons. First, when you file a police report, you state that the incident happened. You can be charged if you file a false police report. When you file a police report, you typically must list what personal property is missing. This is important because insurance companies pay you based on what is missing. It also helps police to potentially recover the missing items, mitigating the insurance companies’ losses. Filing a police report is also essential as it helps the police determine if one particular neighborhood is targeted. They can increase police activity in that specific area. 

If you are renting an apartment, condo, or home and do not have renters’ insurance, the homeowners’ insurance policy will not protect your property if the house is burglarized. Here at Griffith Insurance LLP, helping individuals in the greater West Chester, PA region, we can help you get the renters’ insurance policy you need. Call us today to get started. 

What Happens If I Cancel My Life Insurance Policy?

Many West Chester, PA residents have taken life insurance to protect their loved ones’ financial well-being in case they pass away. However, you might be considering canceling your life insurance policy. Therefore, you might wonder – what happens if I cancel my life insurance? Well, it depends on the type of life insurance you have. 

Term Life Insurance

In most cases, if you cancel your term insurance, you won’t get your premiums back. However, if you took a convertible term life policy, you can sell the policy to recoup some of your premiums instead of canceling it. Additionally, you have a "return of premium" feature on your policy; we at Griffith Insurance LLP advise that you try to outlive the policy’s term rather than canceling it. Your premiums will be refunded if you outlive the policy’s term. Remember that adding a "return of premium" feature to your policy will make it more expensive. 

Whole Life and Universal Life Policies

Since whole life and universal life policies have a cash value component, you will likely receive some cash if you cancel them. However, how much amount of money you receive will depend on the age of the policy. The older your policy, the more cash value it accrues and vice versa. If you cancel your whole life or universal life policy after a couple of years, likely, it hasn’t accrued a considerable amount of cash value. Thus, you may have to incur surrender fees on the cash value, significantly reducing the amount of money you receive. On the other hand, if your policy is decades old, it might have significant gains. However, these gains will be viewed as taxable income if you cancel the policy, which will be taxed, and you will get less money. 

Do you need help figuring out your life insurance in West Chester, PA? We at Griffith Insurance LLP are ready to help. Call us today.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Hospitalization?

If you plan to ride a motorcycle, it’s essential to carry adequate motorcycle insurance. Since motorcyclists need to be more aware of other drivers on the road, they must understand how and what their insurance coverage protects. So, does motorcycle insurance cover hospitalization? 

Motorcycle Coverages

Motorcycle insurance can be customized just like auto insurance. When you decide to build a policy, you will want to consider adding medical payments to your policy to ensure that you and anyone you’re hit can get medical attention paid for by insurance coverage. It’s not mandatory to have medical payments on your motorcycle insurance policy. However, if you’re in an accident, you’ll appreciate having that part of the policy in effect. 

Selecting Insurance Coverage

Residents living around the West Chester, PA area need top-quality insurance they can rely on when a covered incident occurs. The right insurance coverage offers peace of mind from losses, from repairs or replacement to paying for medical bills. To get the best protection available, it’s important to work with a highly knowledgeable insurance agent like the experts at Griffith Insurance LLP. Our team is dedicated to providing each client with personalized service so they can learn more about the types of insurance that offer them the best protection. From choosing a policy to submitting details for a claim, we are here to help. 

Reach out Today

To find the best coverage for a motorcycle, please reach out to us to begin receiving round-the-clock protection to cover your investment and yourself. Residents living in and around the West Chester, PA area can rely on us to guide them through the entire process from start to finish. Don’t guess when it comes to your insurance coverage. Let the experts on our team at Griffith Insurance LLP help make the process more understandable and less of a hassle.