4 Benefits of Pennsylvania Motorcycle Insurance

Cruising along the Pennsylvania open roads with your bike is what life is all about: the adrenaline rush, the rumble of your engine, and the wind blowing your face. Riding a motorcycle is something that words can’t aptly describe. However, while immersed in the biking world, one thing you don’t need to forget about is motorcycle insurance. When you purchase motorcycle insurance from Griffith Insurance LLP of West Chester, PA, you will enjoy the below benefits.

Compliance with the law

A motorcycle isn’t only compulsory, but you are also required to carry the below minimum liability coverages by the Pennsylvania State:

  • Bodily injury liability: Covers medical costs for injuries you cause to others in an accident. The required minimum is $15,000 per person and doubles the amount for accidents involving multiple persons.
  • Property damage liability: Covers property damage to other people. The state-required minimum is $5,000. 

Asset protection

The world of bikes has unlimited possibilities. Depending on what you intend to utilize your bike, it can cost you thousands of dollars. But whether your bike is expensive or modest, you need motorcycle insurance to protect your investment from loss or damage when disaster strikes. Motorcycle insurance pays for repairs and replaces your bike in case of total loss. 

Liability protection

Just like your vehicle or boat, accidents are never far from your bike. You could hit a pedestrian, or you could collide with another motorist. Without motorcycle insurance, you could be faced with out-of-pocket property damage and bodily injury liabilities. Worse yet, you could face legal suits if the aggrieved party sues you. 

Peace of mind

Whether riding your bike for fun or running errands, you don’t want to clog your mind with what would happen after an accident. Purchasing motorcycle insurance offers you inner peace, knowing that damages and bodily injuries are taken care of. 

Buy motorcycle insurance today!

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