Was Your Rented Home Burglarized? The Importance of Filing a Police Report

Renters insurance helps to cover your losses if the home you are renting gets broken into and burglarized. Here at Griffith Insurance LLP, serving the greater West Chester, PA area, we can help you find the right renters’ insurance policy for your needs and help you if you need to file a claim. Nearly every insurance company will require you to file a police report if you are filing a claim because your home was burglarized. Read on to learn why filing a police report after your rented home was burglarized is so important. 

In most places, you can file a police report online if your home was burglarized. Most insurance companies require you to file a police report for several reasons. First, when you file a police report, you state that the incident happened. You can be charged if you file a false police report. When you file a police report, you typically must list what personal property is missing. This is important because insurance companies pay you based on what is missing. It also helps police to potentially recover the missing items, mitigating the insurance companies’ losses. Filing a police report is also essential as it helps the police determine if one particular neighborhood is targeted. They can increase police activity in that specific area. 

If you are renting an apartment, condo, or home and do not have renters’ insurance, the homeowners’ insurance policy will not protect your property if the house is burglarized. Here at Griffith Insurance LLP, helping individuals in the greater West Chester, PA region, we can help you get the renters’ insurance policy you need. Call us today to get started.